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I have been a subscriber of the Arizona Republic Newspaper for over ten years.Throughout this time I have had numerous issues with the delivery of my paper, and it seems that it only happens when there is a change of carriers.

Since mid-January I have called in to inform the customer service personnel that my carrier continues to toss my paper under my vehicles. Then a couple of days will go by and it starts all over again. I call the customer service office again and asked to speak to a manager, only to be told that a manager does not get involve until the third call. I explained to the customer service person that if I call back a third time, it will be to cancel my subscription.

Well, the paper continues to land under the vehicles and it only leads me to believe that the AZ Republic does not give a *** about it's customers. I made a third call to cancel and was placed on hold for over five minutes, so I hung-up. The paper continued to be delivered, and yes, it went under the vehicles each and everytime. So I decided to call and inquire as to why the paper was still being delivered.

I explained to the very nice customer service person what had happen, and express my concerns that her management really didn't give a ***. She assured me that someone would contact me to resolve the issue and apologized on behalf of the company.

To date, there has been no contact from the Arizona Republic Management and my subscription has been cancelled.I am only one customer, but I do have friends and neighbors whom I will pass-on what the AZ Republic thinks of it's customers.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1343201

My Newspaper for June 23 rd. was not delivered. This is not the first time this has happened.


I have had the same challenges with cancelling my subscription , being blind billed, unable to reach a real live person, when I did he hung up on me when I told him I wanted to cancel my subscription, and then the collection threats-or-pay-to-cancel began. This company is UNETHICAL and it apparently can get away without consequences as there have been numerous complaints by many people, including myself, to no avail.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #615662

I cancelled my subscription (of over 30 years) in writing online in September at their customer service contact address listed on their home page.

I told them to cancel my subscription immediately even though I was paid up until Dec. You guessed it, the paper kept coming and when I didn't pay bill in Dec it kept coming until someone called me in January to pay my bill.

Long story short, even after sending them a copy of my email clearly showing the date stamp, they're still hounding me for $30 and threatening collection.

Obviously the editorial staff also mans Customer Service and Bill - complete and utter mouth-breathing retards.

I'll sue them for harassment if they keep it up (and you know they will)

Bob F


I signed up for delivery service a few months ago with one of AZ Republics promotions, only to be sorely disappointed in the paper anymore.Now I was told when I signed up that there wsa no contract & that after my 3month trial period I would have to renew if I wanted to continue service.

Naturally, I decided NOT to renew. Ironically, the paper kept coming...under my car mind you. I am now getting phone calls from their customer service dept @ least 4x/per week stating I owe them $$ & that they will will continue to deliver & charge me for papers unless I contact their customer service dept to cancel. Forget that their business hrs @ cust service are a joke & that most people work during this time.

The customer service people that call my cell phone all the time CANT cancel by subscription...If I AM able to call during business hrs (which I have attempted 7x) I am cut off or on hold for >30min. I have attempted to leave a msg to no avail. I even tried going online to cancel...no option for this.

So let me get this straight...you have the staff & hours to hound me over a billed service I didn't agree to, don't want & CANT seem to cancel...but not the man hours to run a REAL customer service dept??!!

I can't imagine WHY the published news industry is having issues!

I can't even find a darned EMAIL to send THIS message to!!I desperately hope SOMEBODY from the paper reads these messages...because your billing dept is the only people I...

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It appears to me... that what is needed here is NEW MANAGEMENT. All the same issues. CONSISTANT. No paper... or it always ends up under the car.

I delivered the paper when I was a kid. Hated getting up early on Sunday morning to deliver the paper. But did it and did it with PRIDE. Every customer I had... got their paper layed on their doorstep. MY MANAGER required that. And I loved the comments I recieved from the customers for a job well done. Sure wish the AZ Republic could find a manager with THAT ethic. I too have made several calls. Only to have the same foul service continued. When my paper doesn't show up... they say someone may have stolen it... well... maybe if my paper wasn't laying on the sidewalk right next to the road because when they tried to throw it under the car it hit the car and fell on the sidewalk... MAYBE it wouldn't be stolen either. Sure... if they throw it under the car... passerbys don't want to get on THEIR hands and knees to retrieve it... BUT... they also don't feel comfortable walking up to someones door to get it.

I too am fed up. If something doesn't change... I too will not continue the paper.

Just maybe if enough of us DROP the paper... maybe the AZ Republic will DROP the management they have and get someone that truly CARES what the customer thinks.


I just want my subscription CANCELED as of this date: December 16, 2011. Thank you very much......no Saturday or Sunday delivery any more.


I, too, have been a subscriber for over 10 years.Because of consistently late delivery service for the last year or so, because of a new carrier, I finally gave up in frustration and ended my subscription.

A few weeks later I got a call inviting me to re-up, and after being assured that the delivery person had been talked to and all was resolved, I agreed to try out a 3-day a week promotion. So now I have been lied to as well. Same late (7:30 a.m.

or later on weekdays, and around 9:00 on Sunday) delivery schedule.There is no way I will re-subscribe when this promotional gimmick has run its time.


i have tried several times to get through their automated customer service to cancel my subscription with no success...All i want is to talk to like a "real person",cancel my subscription and be on my way...if this is their way of dealing with a customer,then more of a reason as to why I DO NOT want anything to do with them and their ()#&#$@^ newspaper !


I called to cancel after sitting on hold for over 20 minutes I thought that would be the end, but continued to receive papers and bills, I don't get the paper anymore but they continue to bill me for something I canceled after the first subscription, It is impossible to contact anyone at this company that can do anything usefull about customer service and they wonder why nobody buys their papers anymore?


my friend, At least you are getting your news papers!12 weeks after moving into my home and changing my address, I have yet to receive my newspaper on my driveway, or anywhere near.

I have called 7 times of the 12 missed weeks, and been 'assured and promised' to death that my paper will be there this sunday. They are a pathetic excuse for a business.

This company shows a lack of integrity and service.BOO AZ REPUBLIC!

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